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Bring It! on Lifetime / Jackson, Mississippi / 2016

Set in Jackson, Mississippi, Bring It! is a look inside the elite world of hip-hop majorette competitions. Coach Dianna "Miss D" Williams and her Dollhouse Dance Factory, home of the Dancing Dolls team, the troupe has over 15 Grand Champion titles and more than 100 trophies. Their slogan is Dancing Dolls For Life, or DD4L. Miss D and the team have intense competitions with rival teams, including tense exchanges between Miss D and other coaches. Bring It! also features the moms of several of the dancers and their interactions and arguments with Miss D. The coach doesn't allow parents inside the studio during practices, but does have an adjacent room for the parents to watch their daughters practice.

*Additional clips and full episodes can be found on the Lifetime website and on Facebook*


"Move to the Beat"

Best DDP (Dancing Doll Parent) Arguments



Dance, Little Sister

The Undefeated, July 21, 2016

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